Providing independence through drivers assessment and training

Donna Laws

Dear Jenny,

To tell you how getting my license has changed my life is no simple thing.

For 43 yrs. I have been legally blind and have resounded myself to never being able to drive. Now in my mind this wasn’t a tragedy because you learn to adjust your life to the world around you, and what you have never had you can’t miss. But way back in my self conscience I did always envy anyone who could just go wherever they wanted at any time. But I was blessed w/ having a family that was always there for me whenever I needed a ride to go do errands or to an appointment.

Then my sister saw the news report about a young man who had low vision and was now driving. So I called about them and found Dr. Lynne Noon. The first apt. I had w/ her she told my mother and I that I was a perfect candidate for the bioptic binoculars. This was the most unbelievable news of my life. I honestly didn’t expect to qualify, because people w/ low vision like I have, know the possibility of ever seeing better much less driving is a miracle.

So I then began the process of learning how to use my bioptics. My training w/ Jan the occupational therapist was such an eye opening experience. I was seeing things I had never seen before in my life, and loving every minute. I then graduated from that training and went on to my driving classes w/ Jenny another occupational therapist w/ “Driving to Independence.” She taught me how to drive a car while using my bioptics. This was the most incredible experience I have ever gone through. It was such a feeling of independence and freedom.

I can’t tell you how unbelievable it feels to be able to get in a car and go by myself somewhere at anytime I want. There is no more calling and asking for a ride, or worrying about how I would get somewhere in case of an emergency. I am now a full fledged independent person just like everyone else in the “driving world.” That is better than winning the lottery if you ask me.

So all I can say to anyone who has low vision and has thought there life could never change due to their sight, is that it can change and be much better and much more enriched if you give this a try. Because it works, and I am living proof.

Donna Laws