Providing independence through drivers assessment and training


When I started my journey with Driving to Independence I was nervous and thought to myself I am never going to drive again. My first day that I experienced driving with the hand controls in my mind I was thinking “Oh no this isn’t going to work”.

Each day I got more comfortable with it with the help of my Driving coaches Jason and Jill… Without their support I never would have made it to where I am now.
Jason and Jill were so patient and understanding while in the process of teaching me to use the hand controls not to mention awful brave to sit in the passenger’s seat with me in the drivers seat.

I now know why they call it “Driving to Independence” I have gotten back my independence and it’s awesome. I love that I can get into my van and drive anywhere my heart desires.
If anyone out there is doubting the ability to become Independent and drive with hand controls all I will say is “Don’t be afraid” with the help of Jason and Jill you will accomplish what I have and enjoy it.

A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart




Lisa - Client Testimonial

Lisa - Client Testimonial