Providing independence through drivers assessment and training

Norman Jester, Blindtechie

What has Driving To Independence done for me? Not just the company, but Jenny Nordine has been a great supporter and teacher through this process. I know from conversations I have had with Jenny, bioptic driving was new to her, just as much as it was to us, in 2006. This program has given me so much freedom, it is not funny. I have driven to San Diego, Winslow, and to Delaware and back. There are not enough words that can describe the experience this has been and will be for the rest of my life. I have gotten married, received a promotion. Driving opens up so many doors in my life, and those that have followed after me. I would recommend this service to anybody that wants to consider learning how to drive. I will warn you not to take this lightly. It has its ups and downs. If you have driven before, that is one thing, but for a brand new driver, this is scary, but in the end it is well worth.

Thanks again Jenny, and staff for all that you have done for the visually impaired world.

Norman H Jester